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The Man Who Sits and Folds

He sits in silent zazen, ruminating his methods while it stares back at him, not giving any of its secrets like a sphinx with a riddle with no words. Canopying his existence are the four identical extremities, the hood to … Continue reading

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Mother of All Creation, One Day All Time

Today I’m celebrating motherhood by bestowing little gifts to all you Mothers. MOTHER OF ALL CREATION, ONE DAY ALL TIME To all that bears fruit of the next, may this day be but a remembrance to you first one day … Continue reading

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Funny thing about our basic concepts, a dream

I had a dream last night that I was in an alien planet. Imagine Bonao, from the Dominican Republic, or Maní, with a dash of Iraq; very desert-like, but with villages or small towns that makes if feel Earth-like. The … Continue reading

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Neon Batman in New York City

I’m sitting on the train. The man in front of me is wearing a neon Batman shirt with type (lettering) that looks Korean or Taiwanese (it’s all designy and abstracted, so :-P). I’m guessing it says “Batman”. I think “Neon … Continue reading

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Hearts sets in his eyes

Just a little free-association drawing with hearts set in his eyes.

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@Rammerammer: Recall your Nightmare

If you can’t recall your nightmare, it’s not a nightmare. A bad dream is bad indeed, but a nightmare is hell in a dream; you’ll never forget it.

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Art is the Youest You You Can You 001

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