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The Man Who Sits and Folds

He sits in silent zazen, ruminating his methods while it stares back at him, not giving any of its secrets like a sphinx with a riddle with no words. Canopying his existence are the four identical extremities, the hood to … Continue reading

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Dignity at about a Quarter a Word

I love seeing figures, ethereal figures which only congeal into numbers, manifest to what they truly represent: these people. Well, yes, I’m beat, my right hand aches, my lower back aches from all the sitting, I’m hungry, and it’s hot, … Continue reading

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A Contract to Reading Someone

To the wondering Reader that has sighted this path, Do not read my word. Do not read my sentence. Do not read my headline and/or article and think you know me one iota. Those alone are insubstantial. Please engage in … Continue reading

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